Horace Odes I.7

Gracilis, gracile, thin, slight

Perfundo, perfundere, perfudi, perfusus , to pour over, wet, drench

Liquidus, liquida, liquidum, flowing, liquid

Odor, odoris, m.,scent, smell

Urgeo, urgere, ursi,  —-, to impel, urge

Antrum, antri, n., cave, hollow

Religo, religare, religavi, religatus, to bind back, fasten up

Coma,  comae, f., hair

Simplex, simplicis, simple, plain

Munditia, munditiae, f., elegance, fineness

Fides, fidei, f.,            honesty, good faith

Asper,  aspera, asperum, without hope, adverse

Emiror , emirari, —–, ——,  to wonder at, stand aghast at

Insolens, insolentis, unaccustomed

Intento, intentare, intentavi, intentatus, to stretch threateningly

Niteo, nitere, nitui, to shine


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