Horace Odes 1.7 :Latin Vocabulary

Bimaris, -e, between two seas; isthmus

Insignis, insigne, distinguished

Intactus, -a, -um, untouched, virgin

Pallas, -adis, f. ,of Athena

Decerpo, -ere, -psi, -ptus, to pluck away

Frons, frontis, f., brow

Aptus, -a,-um, fitted, bound

Patiens, -entis, enduring, suffering

Percutio, -ere, -cusi, -cussus, to strike, pierce

Opimus, -a,-um, rich, fertile

Resono, -are, -avi, —–, resounding, ringing

Praeceps, -cipitis, steep

Lucus,-i, m., grove

Udus, -a,-um, moist, damp

Pomarius, -a, -um, fruit trees; as subst. orchard

Rivus, rivi, m., small stream

Detergeo, detergere, to wipe away

Nubila, nubilorum, n. clouds, rain clouds

Nubilus, -a,-um. Cloudy, overcast

Parturio, -ire, -ivi, —–, to be big or pregnant with

Imber, imbris, m., heavy rain

Tristitia, -ae, f. sadness

Mollis, molle, flexible, soft

Merum, -i, n., unmixed wine

Fulgens, fulgentis, bright, shining, dazzling

Fugio, fugire, fugi, —–, to flee

Udus, -a,-um, wet, moist

Tempus, temporis, n. time but here the temples (of the head)

Populeus,-a,-um, of poplars

Fero, ferre, tuli, latus, to bring, fertur, it is related

Vinco, vincire, vinxi, victus, to bind

Corona, -ae, f. garland, wreath

Adfatus, adressed

Eo, ire, ivi or ii, iturus, to go

Auspex, auspicis, m. founder

Promitto, promittere, promise, promissus, to promise, assure beforehand

Ambiguus, -a,-um, uncertain, but translate as ‘another.’

Peior, peius, comparative of malus, -a,-um, translate “worse”
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsus, to drive away

Igens, ingentis, huge

Aequor, aequoris, n. sea


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